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Curriculum Overview

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The Hebrew Academy utilizes a creative “hands-on” dual curriculum designed to fully integrate General Studies and Judaic Studies. The Judaic Studies component emphasizes the fundamentals of Hebrew reading, Jewish history, holidays, Jewish values, Bible, the Jewish life cycle, the land of Israel and prayer. The General Studies Program includes the traditional independent school curriculum focusing on basic skills and the development of higher order thinking skills. Supportive pull-out programs for both remediation and advanced studies complement our rigorous “normal” tract across the curriculum.

The foundation of the General Studies curriculum lies in the New York State Standards. The Judaic Studies curriculum is unique to Hebrew Academy and has been recognized as ground breaking and innovative while holding to the traditions of the faith. A Values curriculum is interlaced in all classroom activities.

Early Childhood:

  • The use of play to facilitate the involvement and interest of younger students.
  • The integration of new concepts to all areas of study.
  • The development of not one but two languages as youngsters are introduced to both English and Hebrew.
  • Expanding the cognitive abilities to create an awareness of and shape early learning skills.
  • Structured physical activities to develop small and large muscle coordination and understanding the relationship between body and mind.
  • Using imaginative simulations for social maturing through positive interaction with peers.
  • Academic readiness focused on building basic learning skills.
  • Self-imaging experiences building upon successful, individualized activities.
  • Introducing computers and expanding the learning forum to Audiovisual technology.
  • A changing play area. One month a veterinarian's office, the next month a restaurant with professionals in each field visiting the class, allowing students to explore their community and act out different roles.
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