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Kindergarten Curriculum

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Most students are ready for real “grown-up” skills such as pre-reading, writing, and using math manipulatives to solve problems. All of the following skills are taught in away that meets the individual needs of each child. This may include adaptation to various learning styles. Staff members evaluate the progress of each child through formal methods at various points during the year, and informally on a daily basis. The curriculum and activities are adapted to meet the needs of each child. In addition, children are tested at year’s end using the Metropolitan Test to further assess their newly acquired skills.

Judaic Curriculum

Hebrew Vocabulary Areas

  1. Numbers - 1-10.
  2. Basic colors.
  3. Basic class objects and equipment.
  4. Body parts.
  5. Clothing.
  6. Weather.
  7. Foods.
  8. Family members.
  9. Religious objects.
  10. Neighborhood.
  11. Ability to understand class instructions and simple directions in Hebrew.


We integrate the holidays into every curriculum area. Using song, dance, art, stories, cooking, etc., we hope to infuse a feeling of joy and love of our Jewish heritage.

Religion and Hebrew Language

We aim to integrate knowledge and general developmental skills into one combined curriculum. It is our aim for children to view their "Yiddishkeit" as a "gestalt", not merely as a Shabbat activity.

The Judaic curriculum for kindergarten proposes two basic goals:

  1. Immersion into Torah values and practices.
  2. Concentration on oral Hebrew language, both active and passive.

Reading readiness in Hebrew will include the presence of Hebrew words around the room, as well as Hebrew Language games and puzzles. Children will be involved with numerous manipulative materials aimed at recognition of the Aleph-Bet and basic phonics. With extensive use of the flannel board and the "Shalom, Shalom Aleph" song, the children are soon able to recognize the letters of the Aleph-Bet, as well as the sound, those letters make. Children are taught to read and write their Hebrew names. By year’s end, the kindergarten students are able to read Hebrew words and are working towards fluency. They receive a Siddur (prayer book) at their graduation ceremony.

Tefillah - Prayers

In accordance with our commitment to Torah, we shall emphasize traditional davening. The tefillot to be recited will increase through the year as the children learn and develop their understanding of these. Projects will be included during the year which will focus on particular prayers.

It is our aim for each child to have positive feelings toward prayer. We want children to feel comfortable in Tefillah so that they may use prayer as a means of self expression in dealing with fear, sickness, happiness, joy and thanksgiving.

Torah and Values

The Hebrew Academy hopes to instill in our students a pride and love of Torah. Torah and its values are discussed and included in various art and dramatic play activities. Parashat Hashavua is discussed weekly, and lessons are brought forth from which the children can apply to their daily lives.

  1. Tzedaka — the children are encouraged to give even a penny a day to charity. This fosters an acknowledgment and empathy to less fortunate people.
  2. Utilization of appropriate classroom activities to say in prayer for the sick; get well cards, Refuah Shelaima song, phone calls home...
  3. Hachnosat Orchim — inviting guests to the classroom.
  4. Responsibility towards pets — kindness to animals; Hashem’s creatures.
  5. Respect for all books; especially of importance of learning to Jews: Siddur, Chumash ...
  6. Derech Eretz — proper conduct; appropriate language and behavior as a religious obligation.
  7. Discussion of relationships within a family and mutual obligation.
  8. Recognition of Jews around the world including Eretz Yisrael, Iran and others.
  9. Concept of Mitzvot and Midot as an active, ongoing, meaningful part of our daily lives.

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