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Core curriculum subjects in the Judaic Studies include reading and understanding Biblical Hebrew (Lashon HaTorah); reading, writing and conversing in modern Hebrew; Prayer, Chumash, Navi (Prophets), Mishna/Gemora and Halacha (Jewish Law). Jewish values, Midot, holidays and traditions are emphasized; a deep love for our rich Jewish heritage is instilled, and we foster a strong appreciation and support for the Land of Israel and our brothers and sisters- Am Yisrael.

Our General Studies curriculum conforms with the highest academic standards, exceeding the requirements of New York State. Courses include Langauge Arts, reading and comprehension skills, writing instruction and composition. Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Art, Music and Physical Education are key components in our highly acclaimed general studies program.

In both curriculums, our objective is to help our students acheive success by utilizing higher order thinking skills, developing solid study habits and sound organizational skills, and learning how to work collaboratively and independently.

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