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Mission Statement

Uriel Eckman w Gila Lerer

The Mission of The Hebrew Academy is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic and secular education to a diverse community of Jewish children. We are a community that will provide a learning environment in which each child is able to develop the skills necessary to be responsible citizens who can effectively meet future challenges in their school, community, and world. Our aim is to cultivate students to reach personal excellence, and to be responsible members of American society. Within a warm nurturing environment, our focus is to inspire a love for learning, develop academic and social skills, and foster responsibility in each individual child.

Vision Statement:

Our Vision Statement pledges that “The Hebrew Academy will be a dynamic model for highest student achievement”. We look beyond our students’ mastery of the basic curriculum and seek to prepare each child with the skills needed for the twenty-first century. Among these are digital literacy, innovative thinking and effective communication; skills that will enable them to work effectively in today's collaborative atmosphere.

The Hebrew Academy’s Statement of Beliefs:

We believe ...

All children are different and have different needs.

Parents, teachers, and the community must work together to nurture the total child.

All children need to be offered varied learning opportunities.

Schools should model a cooperative, friendly, and respectful atmosphere.

Learning opportunities should challenge children on the appropriate levels.

Technology is important for enhancing the learning process.

Enthusiastic, competent, caring, and professional staff members are essential to quality education.


The Hebrew Academy integrates the love of G-d, intellectual knowledge and understanding of the Torah, the love of Israel with the appreciation of the uniqueness of every individual of the community. Every Jewish child is beloved, regardless of background or personal level of Jewish observance. Our administration and staff implement this philosophy in ail areas of Judaic and Secular studies while fostering a supportive environment for all our students.

A Jewish Day School education stress holistic growth in academic, spiritual, moral amid social/emotional domains. Rigorous academics are pursued with a recognition that our students possess a variety of learning styles and abilities.

Students are taught to apply academic lessons from their practical settings to their daily lives. Respect for each individual's unique identity and talents forms the core of enhancing our students' sense of self. Ethics and moral values are explicitly taught, modeled and practiced throughout the daily life of the school. The Hebrew Academy teachers help our students realize that the Judaic and secular worlds are interconnected. Faculty strive to inspire and motivate each child to enjoy learning and accept challenges while stimulating critical thought processes. They also promote the students sense of responsibility for self and others by active community involvement. Students are encouraged to analyze their learning experiences in order to assess personal strengths and areas for improvement.

By empowering the head, heart and soul, a Jewish Day School education provides our students with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful and to become members of contemporary society.

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